New Registered Student Organization Application

New Registered Student Organization Application

Follow these instructions to apply for club registration for the CURRENT academic year. Registration is not competitive; approval will be based upon the application received by the Office of Student Activities. If you are a currently an active club and want to re-register for the next academic year, go to and submit the necessary online forms.

Application Periods:
Applications are accepted in three (3) rounds for the 2022-2023 year.
Round 1 - April-May 2022 (Active by Fall Semester)
Round 2 - September 2022 (Active by October 1)
Round 3 - November 2022 (Active by Spring Semester)

New clubs who wish to be registered for the next academic year are strongly encouraged to apply during Round 1. Those who apply and are approved in Round 1 have the following advantages:
1. Active beginning August 1.
2. Have access to HPU resources August 1.
3. Can participate and recruit during Fall Club Carnival.
4. Have their picture and description highlighted on the HPU website.

Round 2 is to allow new clubs that come together at the beginning of the academic year the chance to get registered. Clubs that apply and are accepted in Round 2 are active starting October 1.

Round 3 is only for clubs that are new for Spring semester. These clubs are active starting the first day of spring classes.