AR/Collections Refund Request

AR/Collections Refund Request

A refund can only be issued if there is a valid credit on the student account. All refund requests are reviewed by HPU Business Office staff for eligibility. All requests are processed in the order they are received. Processing times will vary based on the requested method of refund and if any additional information is required.

Check your campus email for notifications about your refund. Please add,, and to your trusted email address contacts list.

- The student must enroll in the eRefund program. That enrollment period is 7 calendar days.
- After the student is officially enrolled in the eRefund program, they will receive their refund within 3-5 business days.
- Learn more about eRefunds on our website:

Paper Checks
- The default method of refund is a paper check.
- The check will be mailed to the student's mailing address on file with the University.
- Processing time is 7-14 business days. This allows for internal HPU processing and USPS mailing.
- It is the student's responsibility to ensure that mailing address is up-to-date. Failure to update mailing addresses will result in a delay of receiving your refund.

International via Flywire
- You will be provided with terms and conditions before you can complete your request for an international refund. After you submit your form, make sure to check your campus email for additional instructions from Flywire (required if you have not already set up your account with Flywire). Additional action by the student will be required in order to process this type of refund.
- All international refunds are assigned a non-standard refund processing fee. That fee will be determined at the time the refund is processed. The fee for refunds for payments originally made through Flywire are different, and usually higher, than requests to refund via Flywire when the original payment was not made through Flywire.
- To avoid international processing fees, students may choose to establish a US bank account and then request a refund via eRefund (ACH/direct deposit) or a paper check. Many US banks offer fee-free checking accounts for students.
- International payment processing timelines may vary depending on the receiving country. Some refunds will take 2 business days, others may take two weeks or longer.
- Bank and international transfer fees may be incurred in addition to the fees assessed by Flywire.