Account Credit Refund Request

Account Credit Refund Request

An account credit is an overpayment which is not caused by Financial Aid or Housing credits. This type of credit is not automatically refunded to the student. The student must make a request to have the credit issued as a refund. If the student does not request a refund, the overpayment will roll forward and apply to future University charges.

A refund can only be issued if there is a valid credit on the student account. If there is no valid credit, a refund cannot be processed. HPU can only process account credit refunds in the student's name regardless of the original payer. All refund requests are manually reviewed by HPU Business Office staff.

Notifications about the status of your refund request will be sent to your campus email. Please add,, and to your trusted email address contacts list.

All requests are processed in the order they are received. Processing times will vary based on the requested method of refund and if any additional information is required. The general guideline for processing is as follows:

eRefund: 3-5 calendar days

-This timeline assumes the student has already completed the eRefund enrollment process which is 7 calendar days.
-Learn more about how to sign up for eRefunds on our website

Paper Check: 10-14 calendar days

-This timeline allows internal HPU processing and USPS mailing.
-The check will be made out and mailed to the student's mailing address on file with the University. The student is responsible for updating this information as it changes.
-For more information on updating personal information, visit

Flywire: Varies

-This timeline may vary depending on the receiving country. Some refunds will take 2 days, others will take 2 weeks or longer.
-You will receive communications from both HPU and Flywire regarding your refund.